How to make a beautiful bow wire bracelet

You can make a beautiful Bowdabra bow wire Bracelet with your Bowdabra wire scraps.  It’s easy to recycle and so trendy!

bow wire bracelet

Our designer Christel Jules with Silky Stems Design Studio demonstrates how to turn those wire scraps into a beautiful bow wire bracelet that will make a great Mother’s Day gift.  And, they are so much fun to wear for any occasion!

You probably have seen trendy bracelets on several social media platforms that have high price tags. I bet you never thought of trying your hand on a DIY to bring a little glam and style into your jewelry collection too.

So if you thought that Bowdabra tools are just for making bows think again!  This easy bracelet video tutorial will show you how to add a little style into your life. You will, however, see that the possibilities with Bowdabra tools are endless!

Materials Needed/Materiales:

Mini Bowdabra/La Maquina de Bowdabra Pequeña

Bowdabra Wire/Alambre de Bowdabra

Decorative Cord/Cordon Decorativa


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